Maistrang Laagan Turns One: The Anniversary Sur-Prizes

Last year, June 12, 2019, I created my Facebook Page Maistrang Laagan to finally launch myself and try into this world of blogging. Few weeks before that, I bought an E-book guide from Marina De Giovanni on tips and tricks about starting a blog and learned from her some of the first important things to do. The first exercise on that e-book was to create a brand name for yourself, something that defines you and does not change regardless of time. I thought very hard on what should my brand name would be, until I decided for “Maistrang Laagan” since it defines me alot! I am a teacher and I love to laag (travel/wander), thus Maistrang Laagan was conceived! ☺️

Though they might not know, but some people/bloggers I met like Toploading for Life and Drift Stories had influenced me more to start writing. Hence, I finally decided to buy a domain for myself and wrote my first blog (my Oslob Experience) which you can still read here.

I am happy that my friend from Hungry Byaheros, had supported me, and thus gave me some of my first X-Deals here in Cebu!

Few weeks after my FB page and this blogsite was launched, I met some Cebu vloggers, the Bisaya Youtubers Club, and they have influenced me to vlog as well. Though I was always doubtful of myself because I don’t know how to edit my videos, I did try because Chasing James, my very creative, good friend, said it was easy! And so, aside from writing here in my blogsite, I also upload a video in YouTube of the same content. However, my first YouTube Channel was terminated before it turned one month old. Devastated in vlogging, I rest for a while, but I continued few weeks after, and posted my comeback video on another new channel that I created. You may watch that short video here.

Sooo yeaaah, technically, Maistrang Laagan is 1 year old today! I am very much happy to have met all of you! To the few who continue to support me, I really appreciate it! Thank you so muccch! I hope you can still support me now on my Year 2!

Because of this, I am very much in the mood to give lots of cash prizes and load giveaways as my way of giving back to you who have supported me up to this far. Read the following mechanics of the four games below and join as many as you want. The more games you join, the more chances of winning MORE cash prizes!

A. INSTRUMENT VALIDATION – As announced previously in my BNHS community group page, I am giving 500php cash to 4 lucky participants who have helped me validate my research instrument (Yes, because Maistrang Laagan is also a student!) by patiently and honestly answering my online questionnaire before. THIS HAS BEEN DONE ALREADY. I have a total of 121 participants there and the 4 lucky winners of 500php will be randomnly selected. (❌This ‘game’ is already CLOSED❌)

B. #WFH STORY– It has been three months since quarantine times, and most are still working from home until today. Share to me your best, inspirational or funny ‘WorkFromHome’ Story by sharing this post publicly on your wall. Use the hashtags #MLWFHStories #MLAnniversarySurPrizes and #MaistrangLaaganTurnsOne. Five best stories will be picked and will win 100php cash/load.

C.  LUCKY SHARER– Share my Facebook Page (click here) publicly on your wall and ask your friends to like and follow. Use the hashtag #LuckyMLShare #MLAnniversarySurPrizes and #MaistrangLaaganTurnsOne. Take a screenshot of your shared post and comment it down in my FB page (under ‘Lucky Sharer’ mechanics). Be sure to make your shared post public and do not delete it until announcement of winners (for verification purposes). Two (2) lucky sharers will win 500php each. 

D. BEST BLOG COMMENT-Please visit my blogsite here at and read any of my previous blog posts. Choose one post from my site and comment anything related to the article. At the end of your comment, use the hashtags #MLBlogComment #MLAnniversarySurPrizes and #MaistrangLaaganTurnsOne. I will choose 2 best commenters who will win 500php each and 5 consolation giveaways of 100php load each.

All winners will be announced in my YouTube Channel via a livestream once my FB Page reaches 2000 followers. Please stay tuned for the updates in my FB Page!

See you around digitally. Laags can wait, but for now, STAY HOME and STAY SAFE!

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