MOMMA’S NEST: Your Natural Beauty Mommy, Eco-Warrior Buddy

In this world were aesthetic beauty is like everyone’s priority, how will you keep that beauty without sacrificing yourself from the hazards of chemicals, keeping that #naturalbeauty?

As I was strolling at the newly opened Ayala Malls Central Bloc, in IT Park, Cebu City, one particular store had really caught my attention. At first, my eyes were caught by the bamboo toothbrushes they were displaying in their store, and I thought, “Wow, this is another eco-warrior store we need to support”. I believe that if we truly care in saving the world, we just don’t care about when the problem is trending, but we need to care, more importantly, on the answers or solutions to that problem. I really have high hopes and I salute organizations and stores who are taking this great support. And I saw Momma’s Nest as such!

This one’s truly an eye catcher! 🙂

I went closer to the store and noticed the soaps displayed. I asked the lady what were those and the lady giddily answered. The store sells mostly natural and organic soaps. Yes, all NATURAL and ORGANIC.   

Soaps you think like literally a piece of cake. All natural and organic.

I was lucky that during my visit, I personally met the couple/owners of the store. I had a little chat with them, and I got inspired by the story of Momma’s Nest, and so, I did not doubt sharing it to you as well.

The Start of Momma’s Nest:

Ever since, Ms. Cathy, the owner, is a fan of beauty products that are all non-toxic and natural made. Before becoming a mom, she then decided to franchise a certain brand, but for some personal reasons, wasn’t able to pushed through it, until she got pregnant and gave birth to her son who gave so much joy to her, her husband and to the rest of the family. Her attention then shifted into becoming a full-time mom. She takes extra care of her son 100%, without getting a nanny, and breastfeeds her son since birth until today, who’s already more than a year old as of this writing. As a proud full time mom, she is meticulous with the things she uses personally, and with the things they use in housekeeping, securing the health of her baby son and the people at home. Thus, Momma’s Nest was born.

Behind that wooden grid bars is actually a private place for Ms. Cathy and her baby, where she can breastfeed her baby whenever they are in the store.

Ms. Cathy made it sure that they will use home and personal care products that are safe most especially to her, who’s lactating, and above all, products that are safe for his baby. So, she uses beauty products, household products like for cleaning his son’s toys and other housekeeping products, and even personal care products that are all organic and made of natural components and 100% plant derived. Having a dermatologist grandmother had influenced her, too, in these aspects! She thought of sharing that idea to the rest of momma’s out there, and to others who believe that it is best to keep our beauty by not sacrificing the health of the people around that are dear to us. This is what Momma’s Nest greatly believes in!

These sprays use in household are plant-derived! Momma’s Nest is a certified reseller of Messy Bessy.

Carelines/Products Available

Because the store was conceptualized and managed by a strong woman who draws inspiration from her son, and is by the way, exclusively breastfeeding, her products are all child-friendly, especially made for those lactating and pregnant moms. Aside from these, she also is supporting advocacies of environment-friendly and sustainable shops, and has a great support towards local products, too.

The following are some of the products you’ll see and expect at Momma’s Nest. First introduced and displayed as a pop-up store at The Rosario Boutique Hotel, finally they open their very first branch to public at the heart of the city, at the Ayala Malls Central Bloc, IT Park. These are the products you’ll expect in their humble store: Bamboo Toothbrush, Organic Soap, Natural Soap, Loose Tea Leaves ofdifferent variants and some other natural-made and organic products. They also resell now products of FHL Skinfood or the Faith. Hope.Love Vegan Skinfood, still in their advocacy of supporting locally-made and organic products.

You might consider trying these out! Relive your hair with these shampoo bars.
Visit this humble store at 2nd Floor, Trading Bloc, Ayala Malls Central Bloc

Watch out for the launching soon of Momma’s Nest Skin Care natural products…


For more updates, please check and visit the following:

FB: Momma’s Nest

IG: @mommasnestph

Store Hours: Mondays to Saturdays (11AM – 11PM)

  Sundays (11AM to 9PM)

Physical Store/Exact Location: Level 2, Trading Bloc, Ayala Malls Central Bloc, IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City

Ano pang hinihintay natin mga eco-warrior mommies and soon to be mommies? Tara, sugod na sa Momma’s Nest!

Selfie with the baby behind Momma’s Nest conception… Baby Michio 🙂

PS: Photos were taken on the second day of their soft opening yet. Photos will be updated as soon as I get back to their shop.