Live and Love: A Health and Beauty Fair by Rose Pharmacy

In today’s competitive world, we can’t deny that everyone is busy indeed with our lives, hustling everyday, juggling with either work, studies, family, love life and other extra curricular activities we indulge in. Whatever it is that you’re doing, the most important question is: How much have you taken care of yourself?

Honestly, I’ve been feeling guilty about my own question, because I don’t think I have taken care much of myself. I have been busy hustling and buzzling around trying to prove my self-worth, but I have almost totally forgotten how important self care and personal care is.

Thanks to Rose Pharmacy for holding an event that promotes self-care awareness, reminding everyone to invest also to one’s personal care. Rose Pharmacy is known to be a great pharmacy with great products, but they also would want their customers to know that they are not only a drugstore, as they venture now and displays more health and beauty care products in their 298 stores.

Last March 5, 2020, they held their first ever event that promotes self-care routine, dubbed as “Live and Love: A Health and Beauty Fair”, at Activity Center, 3rd Floor Ayala Malls Central Bloc, IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City. It encourages people of all ages, regardless of one’s gender, to pay attention to one’s self, as self-care is the secret to having a balanced life. When one practices self-care, he or she knows what to do in order to take care of himself/herself, which subsequently, is also able to take care of others. When you practice self-care, the more TIME and CARE it is that you can give to your loved ones, as well.

The beautiful host, Ms. Blinky de Leon, thanking the sponsors.

During the health and beauty fair, some great products were in display, and exciting promos and giveaways were given to customers.

Aside from the health and beauty products display, they had some raffles and games, too. A live acoustic band performance by ‘Beats and Strings’ and disc jocking performance by DJ Kobe were also experienced. The event was hosted by Ms. Blinky de Leon.

This great event hosted by Rose Pharmacy is made possible through the following major sponsors: Rose Pharmacy Generics, Neutrogena, Guardian, and Unilever (Creamsilk, TRESemme, Dove, Ponds and Rexona), and minor sponsors: Salonpas, Betadine, Penshoppe, Flanax, Cetaphil, Sensodyne and Procter and Gamble (Gilette, Pantene, Head & Shoulder and Oral-B).

Ms. Blinky, and a representative from Flanax, explaining their product promo offers.
An acoustic live performance by Beats & Strings
Zumba Master and Expert, Neil Marvin

The event got livelier with a Zumba Party leaded by Zumba Instructor Expert Neil Marvin.

If I ask you whether you are taking care of yourself, I know you’ll say “Yes, of course”. Well then, let me just leave you with this question to ponder, and I hope you’ll do and practice whatever answers you have in mind:

“What do you do to take care of yourself?”.

Visit any Rose Pharmacy store anytime until April 5 to avail some cool promos.

Thank you Rose Pharmacy for the realization you have given me by attending this event. How about you, laagans, what did you realize? Let me know in the comment section.

Meanwhile, watch the video below to have a glimpse of what happened during the Live and Love Event:

Happy wandering, y’all!