Maistrang Laagan Turns One: The Anniversary Sur-Prizes

Last year, June 12, 2019, I created my Facebook Page Maistrang Laagan to finally launch myself and try into this world of blogging. Few weeks before that, I bought an E-book guide from Marina De Giovanni on tips and tricks about starting a blog and learned from her some of the first important things to do. The first exercise on that e-book was to create a brand name for yourself, something that defines you and does not change regardless of time. I thought very hard on what should my brand name would be, until I decided for “Maistrang Laagan” since it defines me alot! I am a teacher and I love to laag (travel/wander), thus Maistrang Laagan was conceived! ☺️

Though they might not know, but some people/bloggers I met like Toploading for Life and Drift Stories had influenced me more to start writing. Hence, I finally decided to buy a domain for myself and wrote my first blog (my Oslob Experience) which you can still read here.

I am happy that my friend from Hungry Byaheros, had supported me, and thus gave me some of my first X-Deals here in Cebu!

Few weeks after my FB page and this blogsite was launched, I met some Cebu vloggers, the Bisaya Youtubers Club, and they have influenced me to vlog as well. Though I was always doubtful of myself because I don’t know how to edit my videos, I did try because Chasing James, my very creative, good friend, said it was easy! And so, aside from writing here in my blogsite, I also upload a video in YouTube of the same content. However, my first YouTube Channel was terminated before it turned one month old. Devastated in vlogging, I rest for a while, but I continued few weeks after, and posted my comeback video on another new channel that I created. You may watch that short video here.

Sooo yeaaah, technically, Maistrang Laagan is 1 year old today! I am very much happy to have met all of you! To the few who continue to support me, I really appreciate it! Thank you so muccch! I hope you can still support me now on my Year 2!

Because of this, I am very much in the mood to give lots of cash prizes and load giveaways as my way of giving back to you who have supported me up to this far. Read the following mechanics of the four games below and join as many as you want. The more games you join, the more chances of winning MORE cash prizes!

A. INSTRUMENT VALIDATION – As announced previously in my BNHS community group page, I am giving 500php cash to 4 lucky participants who have helped me validate my research instrument (Yes, because Maistrang Laagan is also a student!) by patiently and honestly answering my online questionnaire before. THIS HAS BEEN DONE ALREADY. I have a total of 121 participants there and the 4 lucky winners of 500php will be randomnly selected. (❌This ‘game’ is already CLOSED❌)

B. #WFH STORY– It has been three months since quarantine times, and most are still working from home until today. Share to me your best, inspirational or funny ‘WorkFromHome’ Story by sharing this post publicly on your wall. Use the hashtags #MLWFHStories #MLAnniversarySurPrizes and #MaistrangLaaganTurnsOne. Five best stories will be picked and will win 100php cash/load.

C.  LUCKY SHARER– Share my Facebook Page (click here) publicly on your wall and ask your friends to like and follow. Use the hashtag #LuckyMLShare #MLAnniversarySurPrizes and #MaistrangLaaganTurnsOne. Take a screenshot of your shared post and comment it down in my FB page (under ‘Lucky Sharer’ mechanics). Be sure to make your shared post public and do not delete it until announcement of winners (for verification purposes). Two (2) lucky sharers will win 500php each. 

D. BEST BLOG COMMENT-Please visit my blogsite here at and read any of my previous blog posts. Choose one post from my site and comment anything related to the article. At the end of your comment, use the hashtags #MLBlogComment #MLAnniversarySurPrizes and #MaistrangLaaganTurnsOne. I will choose 2 best commenters who will win 500php each and 5 consolation giveaways of 100php load each.

All winners will be announced in my YouTube Channel via a livestream once my FB Page reaches 2000 followers. Please stay tuned for the updates in my FB Page!

See you around digitally. Laags can wait, but for now, STAY HOME and STAY SAFE!

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Live and Love: A Health and Beauty Fair by Rose Pharmacy

In today’s competitive world, we can’t deny that everyone is busy indeed with our lives, hustling everyday, juggling with either work, studies, family, love life and other extra curricular activities we indulge in. Whatever it is that you’re doing, the most important question is: How much have you taken care of yourself?

Honestly, I’ve been feeling guilty about my own question, because I don’t think I have taken care much of myself. I have been busy hustling and buzzling around trying to prove my self-worth, but I have almost totally forgotten how important self care and personal care is.

Thanks to Rose Pharmacy for holding an event that promotes self-care awareness, reminding everyone to invest also to one’s personal care. Rose Pharmacy is known to be a great pharmacy with great products, but they also would want their customers to know that they are not only a drugstore, as they venture now and displays more health and beauty care products in their 298 stores.

Last March 5, 2020, they held their first ever event that promotes self-care routine, dubbed as “Live and Love: A Health and Beauty Fair”, at Activity Center, 3rd Floor Ayala Malls Central Bloc, IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City. It encourages people of all ages, regardless of one’s gender, to pay attention to one’s self, as self-care is the secret to having a balanced life. When one practices self-care, he or she knows what to do in order to take care of himself/herself, which subsequently, is also able to take care of others. When you practice self-care, the more TIME and CARE it is that you can give to your loved ones, as well.

The beautiful host, Ms. Blinky de Leon, thanking the sponsors.

During the health and beauty fair, some great products were in display, and exciting promos and giveaways were given to customers.

Aside from the health and beauty products display, they had some raffles and games, too. A live acoustic band performance by ‘Beats and Strings’ and disc jocking performance by DJ Kobe were also experienced. The event was hosted by Ms. Blinky de Leon.

This great event hosted by Rose Pharmacy is made possible through the following major sponsors: Rose Pharmacy Generics, Neutrogena, Guardian, and Unilever (Creamsilk, TRESemme, Dove, Ponds and Rexona), and minor sponsors: Salonpas, Betadine, Penshoppe, Flanax, Cetaphil, Sensodyne and Procter and Gamble (Gilette, Pantene, Head & Shoulder and Oral-B).

Ms. Blinky, and a representative from Flanax, explaining their product promo offers.
An acoustic live performance by Beats & Strings
Zumba Master and Expert, Neil Marvin

The event got livelier with a Zumba Party leaded by Zumba Instructor Expert Neil Marvin.

If I ask you whether you are taking care of yourself, I know you’ll say “Yes, of course”. Well then, let me just leave you with this question to ponder, and I hope you’ll do and practice whatever answers you have in mind:

“What do you do to take care of yourself?”.

Visit any Rose Pharmacy store anytime until April 5 to avail some cool promos.

Thank you Rose Pharmacy for the realization you have given me by attending this event. How about you, laagans, what did you realize? Let me know in the comment section.

Meanwhile, watch the video below to have a glimpse of what happened during the Live and Love Event:

Happy wandering, y’all!

GIDDYAP MOUNTAIN RESORT: A Nature-Perfect Getaway at Moalboal, Cebu

Moalboal, Cebu – I’ve heard the place four years ago. Since 2016, I’ve been travelling to Cebu every summer to celebrate my husband and I’s wedding anniversary. Last May 2016, my husband and I applied for a DOST graduate scholarship, and as a side trip, I’ve googled for some tourist spot destinations in Cebu, and there, I saw the famous ‘Sardine Run’ of Moalboal. However, due to time constraints, we were not able to go but instead, we went hiking to Osmena Peak, but I said to myself, one day I will come here! That ‘Sardine Run’ has been in my bucketlist since 2016 yet.

Moalboal is not just famous for the sardine run that’s visited by hundreds of local and foreign tourists everyday, but is also famous as a perfect place for turtle watching, corals and coral reefs viewing, and scuba or free diving. Aside from this, this town in the south of Cebu, also takes pride of Pescador Island, where you you can snorkel, too, and see beautiful and varied species of fishes.

After 4 years, finally, that dream of seeing God’s wonderful creation in Moalboal is coming true! I have imagined watching the school of sardines, and taking pictures or videos of it! But you know what? I never imagined how beautiful and picture and nature-perfect was the place where we stayed at! It’s like a hidden homestay and staycation away from the city, something that’s very refreshing, something that every naturalist heart will surely love!

Where to Stay at Moalboal?

Giddyap Mountain Resort is Moalboal’s best deal of staycation! A home away from home 🙂

If you are like me who loves nature, then this is highly recommended! This place is truly a NATURE-PERFECT GETAWAY! If you’re looking for some place to stay at Moalboal, where you see both (mountain and sea) of natural wonders scenery, consider booking at Giddyap Mountain Resort! You will surely love you stay here – whether you’re in a vacation, recreation or relaxation. You can find those here, all in one place!

Giddyap offers delight to your naturalist heart and eyes! It’s a beautiful place with a wonderful and picturesque scenery. Imagine, you’re facing in a sea, overlooking Pescador Island, while watching mountains on the other side! That is super crazy and amazing! It’s very hard to find a place where you enjoy both scenes or backgrounds – mountain and sea with an island, BUT you can find it here only at Giddyap! Truly, this one’s a paradise and one-of-a-kind!

While you’re at Giddyap, book at Ocean View Lodge for a very friendly price of 750.00 per head inclusive of a breakfast meal. Ocean View Lodge is within Giddyap Mountain Resort, with a swimming pool and a mini-bar. Its design is very unique as it’s originally from a trailer van renovated into a lodge and a home staycation! How cool, isn’t it? The lodge consists of two rooms with standard double beds plus bunk beds perfect for backpackers. The whole place can accommodate a total of 16 heads comfortably, and it is air-conditioned.

The “hill” just facing the Ocean View Lodge is a perfect spot for that golden hour moment.

Things to Enjoy at Giddyap

Giddyap Horseback Riding. This is something that the resort is proud of and is well-known in Moalboal. Local and foreign tourists come at Giddyap to experience riding their famous race horses. For a price of 500php per head, you can enjoy horseback riding and roam around the farm and the mountain resort in an hour.

Videoke/Karaoke. At the very top and end of Giddyap, there’s an open bar there where you can sing in their videoke machine and sing your heart out!

This space here is good for dining, singing and playing mini-billiard.

Mini-billiards. While your friends and family sing, you can also play billiards with some friends.

Swimming. Ocean View Lodge has its swimming pool on the side which you can enjoy day and night.

Chasing golden hour. Because Giddyap faces a sea and an island, and a mountain on the other side too, this place is perfect for your sunset and sunrise viewing!

Best way to end the day! Who doesn’t love sunsets? Anyone?

Other information:

Facebook Page: None so far, but you may check Giddyap Horseback Riding.

Contact Number: 09175176680

Exact Location: Giddyap Mountain Resort, Buay-ay, Balabagon, Moalboal, Cebu

The map above shows the location of Giddyap from South Bus Terminal.

How to Get There

  • You may opt to ride any bus at the South bus terminal that’s going to Moalboal. Fare ranges from 100 – 150php. V-hire is also available at Sanciangko, near University of San Carlos, Main/City Campus. Fare to Moalboal is 150php. From the market, ride a tricycle or motorcyle to Giddyap Mountain Resort/
  • If you are bringing your own vehicle, the place is navigable on Google Map and Waze.

What are you waiting for? Get relaxed and enjoy the beautiful view – only here at Giddyap! Tara lets, mga laagans!

Watch the video below to give you more glimpse of how beautiful Giddyap Mountain Resort is!

Enjoy watching, mga laagans!

Watch out for my Moalboal adventure soon here on my blog and on my Youtube Channel – Maistrang Laagan. Please don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell for updates! Thank you so much!

See you next time! Remember to be forever be wonderfully wandering!

Charabento Food Art, Coffee and Tea House: Your Cutesy and Student-Friendly Neighboring Cafe

It was around July of last year when I first learned about Charabento and visited the place by accident. My friend, Chasing James and I had our very instagrammable bento meal that time. Later, I learned from the owner, Ms. Ajero, that Charabento offers tutorial sessions on how to prepare these very cute bento meal arts. Without second thoughts, I jumped into a new fun and learning experience. I was able to create my very first “bunny” bento meal. Read my blog here or you may also watch my experience on this video below.

My fun experience creating my first ever bento meal 🙂

Well, obviously, I truly had fun in my very first ever creative bento meal art! 🙂

You would just love to stare on these super duper cute meals, you forget how hungry you were when you came in the cafe 🙂 There’s no doubt, this is still my favorite order whenever I come to Charabento Cafe.

What’s I did not show you is how comfy it is to stay here at Charabento cafe. The store is spacious and can take quite a number of guests. Students love coming here hugging giant teddy that makes you feel always a kid at heart, plus there’s a sense of “home” in here.

Because this coffee and tea house is located at Timesquare Talamban, students from nearby schools (Talamban NHS is just in front) are the major customers. During my first dine here, we were surrounded by a lot of teeners chit-chatting, students who just had a break from school. Why not? It’s not just near and the place is not only cozy, but the prices are also affordable – VERY STUDENT FRIENDLY.

Every corner is a nice spot for that perfect smile, too. Make sure to bring that photographer friend of yours and ready that “pangmalakasang-pose” 🙂 I tell you, there are a lot of instagram-worthy corners here.

Nephew and nieces enjoying their stay here 🙂

Aside from the bento meals that this cafe is very well known of, they also have a wide array of different drinks. One of my favorite is the Sunset Drink – it’s very colorful and it can really quench your thirst.

Of course, who would miss the favorite drink of today’s time – MILKTEA! They offer different flavors of milktea, too, which use fresh milk and not just creamer. Watch my video below and get a gyst on how they prepare their milkteas.

So yum-yum isn’t it?

Can you take these jars for refills? Unli milktea that comes with unli fries, too.

For milktea lovers, make sure to drop by at their store this Sinulog month. They have a promo running until January 31, 2020. For a price of 199php, you get to have unlimited milktea and unlimited fries! Sobrang sulit na!

Other information:

FB: CharaBento FoodArt, Coffee and Tea House

IG: @charabentocafe

Exact Location: CharaBento Café, 2/F Talamban Time’s Square, Gov. M. Cuenco Ave. Cebu City.

Other Branches: Charabento Mactan and Charabento Canduman

Bring your squad, enjoy your talks over these jars of milkteas!

Bringing my squad 😀
Succulents are available in their cafe… You might consider to take one cutie home 🙂
Hope to see you there! (*winks)

MOMMA’S NEST: Your Natural Beauty Mommy, Eco-Warrior Buddy

In this world were aesthetic beauty is like everyone’s priority, how will you keep that beauty without sacrificing yourself from the hazards of chemicals, keeping that #naturalbeauty?

As I was strolling at the newly opened Ayala Malls Central Bloc, in IT Park, Cebu City, one particular store had really caught my attention. At first, my eyes were caught by the bamboo toothbrushes they were displaying in their store, and I thought, “Wow, this is another eco-warrior store we need to support”. I believe that if we truly care in saving the world, we just don’t care about when the problem is trending, but we need to care, more importantly, on the answers or solutions to that problem. I really have high hopes and I salute organizations and stores who are taking this great support. And I saw Momma’s Nest as such!

This one’s truly an eye catcher! 🙂

I went closer to the store and noticed the soaps displayed. I asked the lady what were those and the lady giddily answered. The store sells mostly natural and organic soaps. Yes, all NATURAL and ORGANIC.   

Soaps you think like literally a piece of cake. All natural and organic.

I was lucky that during my visit, I personally met the couple/owners of the store. I had a little chat with them, and I got inspired by the story of Momma’s Nest, and so, I did not doubt sharing it to you as well.

The Start of Momma’s Nest:

Ever since, Ms. Cathy, the owner, is a fan of beauty products that are all non-toxic and natural made. Before becoming a mom, she then decided to franchise a certain brand, but for some personal reasons, wasn’t able to pushed through it, until she got pregnant and gave birth to her son who gave so much joy to her, her husband and to the rest of the family. Her attention then shifted into becoming a full-time mom. She takes extra care of her son 100%, without getting a nanny, and breastfeeds her son since birth until today, who’s already more than a year old as of this writing. As a proud full time mom, she is meticulous with the things she uses personally, and with the things they use in housekeeping, securing the health of her baby son and the people at home. Thus, Momma’s Nest was born.

Behind that wooden grid bars is actually a private place for Ms. Cathy and her baby, where she can breastfeed her baby whenever they are in the store.

Ms. Cathy made it sure that they will use home and personal care products that are safe most especially to her, who’s lactating, and above all, products that are safe for his baby. So, she uses beauty products, household products like for cleaning his son’s toys and other housekeeping products, and even personal care products that are all organic and made of natural components and 100% plant derived. Having a dermatologist grandmother had influenced her, too, in these aspects! She thought of sharing that idea to the rest of momma’s out there, and to others who believe that it is best to keep our beauty by not sacrificing the health of the people around that are dear to us. This is what Momma’s Nest greatly believes in!

These sprays use in household are plant-derived! Momma’s Nest is a certified reseller of Messy Bessy.

Carelines/Products Available

Because the store was conceptualized and managed by a strong woman who draws inspiration from her son, and is by the way, exclusively breastfeeding, her products are all child-friendly, especially made for those lactating and pregnant moms. Aside from these, she also is supporting advocacies of environment-friendly and sustainable shops, and has a great support towards local products, too.

The following are some of the products you’ll see and expect at Momma’s Nest. First introduced and displayed as a pop-up store at The Rosario Boutique Hotel, finally they open their very first branch to public at the heart of the city, at the Ayala Malls Central Bloc, IT Park. These are the products you’ll expect in their humble store: Bamboo Toothbrush, Organic Soap, Natural Soap, Loose Tea Leaves ofdifferent variants and some other natural-made and organic products. They also resell now products of FHL Skinfood or the Faith. Hope.Love Vegan Skinfood, still in their advocacy of supporting locally-made and organic products.

You might consider trying these out! Relive your hair with these shampoo bars.
Visit this humble store at 2nd Floor, Trading Bloc, Ayala Malls Central Bloc

Watch out for the launching soon of Momma’s Nest Skin Care natural products…


For more updates, please check and visit the following:

FB: Momma’s Nest

IG: @mommasnestph

Store Hours: Mondays to Saturdays (11AM – 11PM)

  Sundays (11AM to 9PM)

Physical Store/Exact Location: Level 2, Trading Bloc, Ayala Malls Central Bloc, IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City

Ano pang hinihintay natin mga eco-warrior mommies and soon to be mommies? Tara, sugod na sa Momma’s Nest!

Selfie with the baby behind Momma’s Nest conception… Baby Michio 🙂

PS: Photos were taken on the second day of their soft opening yet. Photos will be updated as soon as I get back to their shop.

The 8th Mug: Your Industrial, Elegant Cafe and Diner

Happiness? Your choice, your coffee 🙂

I understand that everybody is talking over cafes and coffee shops these times. I, myself, have been hopping from cafe to another in search for the best place and best cafe to be. There’s this cafe somewhere in Capitol Site that until now I still can’t get over with, no jokes aside! Why? They serve the BEST FOOD and BEST CUISINES I didn’t expect to have on cafes or coffee shops, ever! THERE, I SAID IT, RIGHT AWAY! Capslock para intense 🙂

I tell you, these foods are yummier than you thought! I swear!

If you happen to pass by at the capitol, or if you are looking for a place to hangout or chill with family, friends and loved ones, consider dining at THE 8TH MUG! You will surely love the place and the food, I assure you!

A Little History

The 8th Mug was conceived on August 8, 2018, hence the name, obviously 🙂 But aside from that, they also offer 8 different varieties of coffee drinks, still sticking with its brand name – The 8th Mug. They were opened for public last November 2018 with a coffee shop concept, serving the people with mostly coffees and simple meals with moderate prices. As time goes by, this cafe had evolved into producing and serving best, freshest and comparably world-class international cuisines while still having a Filipino palate.

Loving this frame I saw in one of the shelves. I guess these are the founding chefs?

The 8th Mug gives you the feeling of a prim lady or gentleman in a modest industrial setting. The minimalist but elegant interior design gives you peace and serenity, just a perfect place for some ME time especially for students and young professionals, freelancers or digital nomads who just wanted a quiet place to be.  

See the light and the elegance in this pic? I personally love the ambiance here. It’s very quiet. This girl has been here before we came to the cafe and was still here when we left. Really, she was having her time reading and studying, comfortably!
When you are at 8th Mug, you will surely feel this modest industrial setting.
The 8 different coffees serve here is reflected on this wall art. I find this wall very artsy and instagrammable.

The 8th Mug takes pride of their high-quality foods because why not? They have 5 baristas in the cafe plus 6 chefs, with Chef Lehner as the head chef, who has been there from the start and foundation of this cafe. They are proud to say that the foods they serve are products of the creative conceptualization and imagination of some fine, young chefs of Cebu City.

The fries are the best! It’s a mixed of potatoes and sweet potatoes! I love the natural sweet fries from kamote (sweet potatoes). No dips needed! It just tastes good!
My personal favorite – Linguine X.O.P. This is a pasta with a twist of Filipino palate! It has a taste of dried fish. The one you see on top is a small dried squid.
These mocktails are worth a try – Tropical Cooler (left) and Safe Sex on the Beach (right)
Our fully-carb meals plus the mocktails: Tropical Cooler, Safe Sex on the Beach, Kiwi Lemon Soda and Strawberry Daquiri. Forgot to take a pic of my Mango Margarita.

Their foods are also claimed to be served as fresh as it could be, as they take the purchase of the crops, vegetables and meats, on a daily basis – all fresh, mostly bought straight from Carbon Market, supporting our local farmers.

The famous coffee drinks of The 8th Mug: Cold Brew, White Brew and The 8th Mug Lemon Brew



Operating Hours: 8AM – 10PM

Facebook Page : The 8th Mug

Instagram: @the8thmug

Email Address:

Contact Number: 09158403528

Some Important & Fun Reminders:

  1. Every Wednesdays, they have a “Trivia Night”, mostly about pop and culture.
  2. Wifi is free but is limited for 2 hours only (unless you order gain to get another wifi code/voucher)
  3. They accept exclusive bookings for special gatherings, occasions or events like meetings, seminars/workshops, birthdays, etc.
    • 25K good for 50 pax good for 4 hours. Food is in buffet type which includes 3 meats, 1 soup, 1 salad, 1 vegetable, 1 pasta 1 cup rice and 1 dessert
    • 15K good for 30pax only
  4. They have coffee cart available for rentals for your special events like weddings, parties, etc.
  5. Coffee Stall “Thinking Mugs” also available at SM Seaside
  6. For the month of October, they have this “October Deals
    • October 1 – 3, 2019  (International Coffee Day) – Get 10% discount in any hot or iced coffee
    • October 15-17, 2019 (Lunch Deals: 11AM-1PM) – Order any pasta and get FREE SIDE of your choice  – Yam Fries, French Fries or Garlic Foccacia
    • October 26, 2019  (1st Annual Trick or Treat @ 6PM) – Kids Halloween Costume Party /Beer Drinking Contest/Spoken Word Poetry
    • October 28-30, 2019 (Dinner Deals: 5PM-7PM) – Order any dish from their ALL IN and get 10% discount with free mocktail
Coffe on wheels perfect for events and gatherings 🙂


Exact Location: Ground Floor, Dacay Bldg., 72 N Escario St., Capitol Site, Cebu City (fronting AXA Building) – few walks across the Capitol Building

BY JEEPNEY: Ride any jeepney going to Capitol or jeepneys that pass through N. Escario (Axis). From Ayala, you may ride 12L or 14D jeepney, ask the driver to drop you off at AXA  near Capitol.

BY CAR/GRAB/TAXI: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and just search for “The 8th Mug”.

Below is the map when you travel from Ayala Malls to the 8th Mug.

For a detailed “moving” experience about The 8th MUG, watch out for my vlog soon on my channel Maistrang Laagan.

What are you waiting for? Tara Lets na, mga Laagans!

RCC Cafe & Resto: A Pastel, Chic Place Cafe for Everyone

Who’s up for another milkshake or frappe? 🙂

In today’s world where coffee shops and cafés are super trendy, we are always on the lookout for a new and good place to hang out with family, friends and loved ones. Personally, I’ve been hopping from cafe’s to another in search for a pinterest-y and as I always say, instagrammable ambience that’s very refreshing to one’s eyes. Once I see the place would be picture-perfect, then that’s the time I will check that spot and hang out with myself, most of the times. Honestly, my first impression goes to the coziness and good vibe of the place and how nice it would look on pictures; and when I’m there to see it myself, that’s the only time that I come to verdict with the foods they serve. What I say, is that, for most of us, we judge according to what we see first, so generally, it would always be “Place First, Food Second”. 🙂

Luckily, and by grace, I’ve come to scroll on Facebook this newest cafe opened in Nasipit, Talamban, Cebu City – the place where I come to study. If you are living or familiar in Talamban, you’ll know how cafes are rampant in the area. Near USC or University of San Carlos alone, with just few walks, I’ve been to five different cafes already. I am happy now to include this newly opened and newly cafe I discovered, the 6th cafe on my list, and I can’t wait to share to you all. Fellow Laagans at heart, I introduce to you, Talamban’s newest craze –  RCC Cafe and Resto!

Welcome to a pastel world cafe and resto!

Formerly located in Banilad, this cafe is back to business with a larger space this time! RCC Cafe and Resto had just their soft opening last September 14 and is set for their grand opening this October 14, 2019! Although the place is still on its soft opening, a lot of people have been coming already, regardless of age or status. I’m even surprised but happy to see groups of friends and families, even with babies, coming to this place. That only means that RCC cater and are opened to different mass of people because as I always see, the cafes I went to are mostly filled with either students or young professionals.

I spot a mom feeding their baby over an ice blended drink.
Friends of all ages – come one, come all! Welcome to RCC!

If you come to this place, the first thing you’ll notice and for sure you’ll love is the cool, chic environment that is pastel-colored cubes or spaces, each space with its distinct huge pastel palette, very delightful to everyone’s eyes! You can’t miss to have your selfies all over the place!

AS you enter, you will see this very colorful walls of cubes or spaces!

The area on the second floor is perfect for students who would just want to chill or study as the place have enough space where you can work with school stuffs. Plus, the cafe offers its unlimited use of wifi when you order a minimum amount of 100php. When we were there, a group of teeners where actually doing their school project.

The area to the 2nd floor is even made lovelier with those balls of lights hang from the ceiling!

Aside from this cozy atmosphere, they also offer different varieties of food from meals to snacks, to cakes and pastries, to ice-blended drinks, coffees, frappes and milkshakes which are their specialty, by the way. Their flagship among the meals on the menu are the crispy sisig and chicken teriyaki. Definitely you can come to RCC Cafe anytime of the day!

I never missed a chance of ordering a frappe whenever I’m in a cafe 🙂


Choose your favorite drink and favorite flavor! They have it here!
Meals are also available in an affordable price.
My husband’s personal favorite, their pork sisig.
Seafood is life! My favorite – grilled squid.
Ice cream on cones are available, too! I will definitely try this once I get back to the place.


Store/Cafe Hours:

  • Monday – Saturday (7AM to 3AM)
  • Sunday (9AM to 1AM)

Facebook Page: RCC Café & Resto

Exact Location: Gov. M. Cuenco St., Nasipit, Talamban, Cebu City (The place is the building next to EV Academy, with a signage of RCC Cafe), walking distance from USC – Talamban Campus.


Mark your calendar and watch out for RCC’s grand opening set on October 14, 2019! Once it’s fully functional, the cafe plans for the following:

  •  student’s discounts
  •  open for bookings/reservations for special occasions
  •  unlimited coffee for working students/professionals


What a lovely place to hang out, isn’t it? Yung pakulay talaga ng walls sarap sa mata, pramis! 🙂

By jeepney and grab/taxi: Ride any jeep that will pass Talamban (13C, 62B/62C, 24G, 13I). Ask the driver to drop you off at EV Academy (Reviewer for IELTS). The building next to it is already the place for RCC. That’s infront of Goodyear. The place is along the road, so it’s very easy to locate.

CAR: If you’re bringing your own car, navigate the place via Waze or Google Map. Just search “RCC Cafe in Nasipit Talamban”. There’s a parking space but very limited.

RCC Cafe signage just after EV Academy

Yes, there’s a swing inside the cafe – something that Chasing James and I have enjoyed!
One last selfie before leaving the cafe. Definitely recommending this. Again, let us watch for its grand opening on October 14, 2019!

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Unsa pay gihuwat? Ali na! Kaon ug tambay na ta diri! Tara Lets, mga Laagans!!!