How to Apply for a DOST Scholarship in the Graduate Programs

Hi! I am Ms. Ai, a teacher by profession, and has always been a teacher for 13 years now (as of this writing). I have graduated my Masters Degree with this program from DOST and is presently enjoying the same scholarship for my PhD studies now.

I feel that I am responsible to share to you this blessings and this great news to every Science and Mathematics teachers out there, and so I am sharing you the procedures on applying this scholarship.

My classmates and my husband’s classmates – proud DOST Scholars!

Although there are other scholarships offered by DOST (please check their website here), this article is intended for Science and Mathematics Educators only.


What is this DOST Scholarship Program?

The Department of Science and Technology Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) in cooperation with the National Consortium in Graduate Science and Mathematics Education (NCGSME), offers scholarships for Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Science and Mathematics Education under the Capacity Building Program in Science and Mathematics Education (CBPSME).

This program aims to:

  •  improve the quality of science and mathematics education in the country; and
  •  accelerate the development of critical mass of experts in science and mathematics education.


  •  Master’s in Mathematics / Science Education
  •  Doctoral in Mathematics / Science Education
  •  Thesis/Dissertation Grant

Criteria of Eligibility

Check the following requirements and see if you qualify:

  • Natural-born Filipino citizen;
  • Not be more than 45 years old at the time of application;
  • Be in good health and of good moral character;
  • Pass the admission requirements for graduate studies at any of the consortium member-universities;
  • Have at least two years teaching experience in science and mathematics for Doctoral; or at least one year teaching experience or have graduated with academic honors or graduated as DOST scholar for Master’s;
  • If employed: Be allowed to study full-time for two or three years (Residential Mode) and part-time for six years at UPOU (Distance Education Mode);
  • For employees of the DepEd, signed Form 2A by the school Division Superintendent and Regional Director.
  • For employed non DepEd applicants, signed Form 2B by the Head of the University.
  • Not be a recipient of other scholarship; and
  • Be willing to accept the terms and conditions specified in the Scholarship Contract.

Documents to be submitted

Please ready the following documents/requirements once your name will be enlisted in the qualifiers:

  • Accomplished Information Sheet (Form 1);
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate;
  • If employed, Certification of Employment and Permit to Study, (Form 2);
  • Medical Certificate (Form 3);
  • Certified True Copy of Service Record, if employed;
  • Certified True Copy of Official Transcript of Records (TOR);
  • Notice of Admission to the Master’s/Doctoral in Science and Mathematics Education program in the Graduate School at any of the identified universities;
  • Endorsement from two (2) former professors; and
  • Letter of nomination/recommendation from the head of the university.

Scholarships Privileges

Enjoy the following privileges once officially accepted as a DOST scholar:

  • Free tuition and other school fees
  • Monthy stipend of 25,000PHP (MS) and 33,000PHP for PhD
  • Book Allowance of 20,000PHP per academic year
  • Transportation Allowance – 1 roundtrip fare per academic year (only for scholars living outside of their province)
  • Thesis Grant of 50,000 PHP for MS Studies
  • Dissertation Grant of 100,000 PHP for PhD Studies

For example, in my case, I am studying at University of San Carlos, Cebu City, and I am from Zamboanga City. For every academic year, the DOST refunds my one round trip fare regardless of how much I have spent. Just keep official receipts and your boarding passes for liquidation.

Also, aside from these privileges, the scholar has the chance to meet the other DOST scholars across the Philippines because every year, DOST convenes all the scholars in a national conference. I have attended twice during my Master’s study (both the two conferences were held in Iloilo), and twice during my PhD study (February 2019 at Albay, Legazpi and July 2019 at Iloilo City again). All these conferences are FREE!!!

The “Maistrang Laagan” in me was in hyped! I totally enjoyed the beautiful Albay! We were checked in the most luxurious hotel in the city, with an infinity pool, facing the beautiful Magayon! #PerksOfADOSTScholar 🙂

What a wonderful view! Thank GOD and Thanks DOST!

Terms of Scholarship Award

Becoming a DOST Scholar is not purely fun, of course! You must also do your part and accept the following terms indicated here.

An awardee shall:

  • enroll in the required academic load per semester and study full-time/part-time in any of the identified training institutions;
  • maintain a grade point average/general weighted average required by the Graduate School of the university and comply with the university’s academic requirements to remain in the scholarship program;
  • comply with the terms and conditions of the Scholarship Contract to be entered into among himself/herself, the DOST-SEI, and the Training Institution;
  • render service in the Philippines upon completion of the degree along the field of specialization equivalent to the length of time the scholarship is enjoyed;
  • receive the remaining stipends to be released as incentive if the degree program is completed earlier than the prescribed period of study.
  • refund the scholarship grant with 12% interest for non-completion of the program within the prescribed period of study and/or failure to comply with the service obligation

Selection of Awardees

1. Member-university screens and evaluates the accomplished application form and other documentary requirements of the applicant.

2. University endorses the list of potential qualifiers to SEI.

Additional Process for DepEd Teacher Applicants

  • DOST-SEI endorses to DepEd the list of names of potential qualifiers from DepEd who are teaching and non-teaching personnel with seven (7) or more years in service.
  • DepEd issues potential qualifier Certification re-Permit to go on Leave with Compensation.
  • DepEd endorses to DOST-SEI the list of qualifiedDepEd teachers and non-teaching personnel for final approval of the DOST Secretary.

3. Upon approval of the DOST Secretary, the list of awardees is final and unappealable.

4. DOST-SEI, through the Consortium Project Directors, sends the notice of award to the awardees.

Where to Apply

The following are the schools that are part of the consortium program. These are the only schools or universities where we can apply and enrol. During my Master’s Degree, there were only 4 Universities included here, but as time goes by, the schools were increasing. As of writing, there are already 15 schools for full-time and 1 university for Distance Education that are part of this DOST-SEI Program. This may still be updated, so just check their website for a more updated list. You may find it here.

As of today, these are the schools where you can file your Scholarship Application:

  • Bicol University (BU)
  • Philippine Normal University (PNU)
  • Western Mindanao State University (WMSU)
  • West Visayas State University (WVSU)
  • Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU)
  • Central Luzon State University (CLSU)
  • Cebu Normal University (CNU)
  • De La Salle University (DLSU)
  • Leyte Normal University (LNU)
  • Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU)
  • Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT)
  • Mindanao State University (MSU), Marawi City
  • Saint Mary’s University (SMU)
  • University of the Philippines College of Education-Diliman (UPCE-D)
  • University of San Carlos (USC)
  • University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) for Distance Education Mode

Each of the these universities have different programs of study for MS and/or PhD. Please check the availability of programs in this link.

The universities mentioned have a particular assigned Project Directors. Contact the Project Director through their email address. At some time, the directors of the schools are changed, so just check the DOST’s website for an updated list. Check the list of the project directors here.


Contact the project director of the school or university where you intend to enrol. When he/she replies, you know what’s next to do. 🙂

I have enlisted here the simple steps/procedures I have taken in applying this scholarship program.

  1. Contact the Project Director. Email them and ask them whether the program is still open for this semester or for this school opening. (As of writing, University of San Carlos (USC), the school where I am enrolled, is already accepting applicants. Only TOR is asked for evaluation since we are still in the pandemic).
  2. Get ready with your TOR for initial screening/evaluation.
  3. Some schools have admission tests, like USC. You need to pass the admission test, if there is. If schools have no admission tests for Graduate Programs, at least you need to passed all the admission requirements set by the school. AGAIN, ask/contact the project directors for whatever requirements their school needs. PROJECT DIRECTORS ARE VERY FRIENDLY AND APPROACHABLE. THEY ARE ALWAYS THERE TO HELP YOU!
  4. Once your TOR has passed the evaluation and you passed the initial screening, the university will contact you for a panel interview.
  5. The university will recommend your name as a potential qualifier and will endorse your name to DOST. When this happens, prepare all the documents mentioned earlier. You need to complete all of those.
  6. If you are a DEPED teacher applicant, there are some papers you need to prepare so you can enjoy your study leave with compensation. (I might explain this in another blog if you want).
  7. Wait for the final call of the project director so you can go to the school and enrol officially! (This happens when DOST approves your application).


Kung tingnan mo lang madugo ang mga requirements, pero I tell you, madali lang po talaga ang lahat ng yan kapag nasimulan mo na. Syempre, malaki ang binibigay na allowance sayo ng DOST buwan-buwan, masarap din po yung pinaghirapan natin ang proseso bago nakapasok. Ang sarap po nun sa pakiramdam! 🙂

Wag po mawalan ng pag-asa. Baka isipin nyo, para lang to sa mga single na maraming time. Pag may asawa, at lalo, may mga anak na, hindi mo na maaasikaso ang mga bagay na ganito. Take it from me po! Tatlo ang babies ko! Nung nag-apply ako for PhD, kaka-one year old nung bunso ko. Kapag gusto po talaga natin, at pangarap natin, nagagawan po talaga ng paraan. Sabayan na din ng matinding dasal. With God’s blessings and abundance, dalawa po kami ng husband ko ang nag-eenjoy ng scholarship na to. Kaya gusto ko po talaga ma-ishare sa inyo kung paano maging DOST Scholar at para po ma-enjoy nyo din ang mga privileges ng scholarship gaya ng pag-enjoy ko/namin.

My husband and I at a DOST Conference (July 2019)

Sa mga gusto pong manood ng video ko, inexplain ko din dun ang lahat ng nasabi ko dito. Nasa YouTube Channel ko po, “Maistrang Laagan“. You can also watch it here.

Sabay po tayong aangat, mga Gurong Pilipino! Wag nyo po palampasin ang pagkakataong ganito. Simulan na! Contact nyo na ang Project Director kung saan nyo balak mag-apply ng Scholarship. Every one’s success begins at a single step! Go go go lang po! Kinaya ko, kinaya namin, kaya nyo din po! The more the merrier! Gusto ko po marami tayong maging DOST Scholars!


Should you have questions or concerns, please contact the S&T Scholarship Division at
Tel nos.: (02)8583-4912,  (02)8837-2071 loc. 2382
Cellphone no.: 09278868816;
Facebook: SEI-STSD

Miss Ai aka Maistrang Laagan, proud “Iskolar Para Sa Bayan”

I hope after reading this, you get to do the first thing and first step of the application! Thank you ng marami sa time!

With Love,

Miss Ai 🙂