Maistrang Laagan Turns One: The Anniversary Sur-Prizes

Last year, June 12, 2019, I created my Facebook Page Maistrang Laagan to finally launch myself and try into this world of blogging. Few weeks before that, I bought an E-book guide from Marina De Giovanni on tips and tricks about starting a blog and learned from her some of the first important things to do. The first exercise on that e-book was to create a brand name for yourself, something that defines you and does not change regardless of time. I thought very hard on what should my brand name would be, until I decided for “Maistrang Laagan” since it defines me alot! I am a teacher and I love to laag (travel/wander), thus Maistrang Laagan was conceived! ☺️

Though they might not know, but some people/bloggers I met like Toploading for Life and Drift Stories had influenced me more to start writing. Hence, I finally decided to buy a domain for myself and wrote my first blog (my Oslob Experience) which you can still read here.

I am happy that my friend from Hungry Byaheros, had supported me, and thus gave me some of my first X-Deals here in Cebu!

Few weeks after my FB page and this blogsite was launched, I met some Cebu vloggers, the Bisaya Youtubers Club, and they have influenced me to vlog as well. Though I was always doubtful of myself because I don’t know how to edit my videos, I did try because Chasing James, my very creative, good friend, said it was easy! And so, aside from writing here in my blogsite, I also upload a video in YouTube of the same content. However, my first YouTube Channel was terminated before it turned one month old. Devastated in vlogging, I rest for a while, but I continued few weeks after, and posted my comeback video on another new channel that I created. You may watch that short video here.

Sooo yeaaah, technically, Maistrang Laagan is 1 year old today! I am very much happy to have met all of you! To the few who continue to support me, I really appreciate it! Thank you so muccch! I hope you can still support me now on my Year 2!

Because of this, I am very much in the mood to give lots of cash prizes and load giveaways as my way of giving back to you who have supported me up to this far. Read the following mechanics of the four games below and join as many as you want. The more games you join, the more chances of winning MORE cash prizes!

A. INSTRUMENT VALIDATION – As announced previously in my BNHS community group page, I am giving 500php cash to 4 lucky participants who have helped me validate my research instrument (Yes, because Maistrang Laagan is also a student!) by patiently and honestly answering my online questionnaire before. THIS HAS BEEN DONE ALREADY. I have a total of 121 participants there and the 4 lucky winners of 500php will be randomnly selected. (❌This ‘game’ is already CLOSED❌)

B. #WFH STORY– It has been three months since quarantine times, and most are still working from home until today. Share to me your best, inspirational or funny ‘WorkFromHome’ Story by sharing this post publicly on your wall. Use the hashtags #MLWFHStories #MLAnniversarySurPrizes and #MaistrangLaaganTurnsOne. Five best stories will be picked and will win 100php cash/load.

C.  LUCKY SHARER– Share my Facebook Page (click here) publicly on your wall and ask your friends to like and follow. Use the hashtag #LuckyMLShare #MLAnniversarySurPrizes and #MaistrangLaaganTurnsOne. Take a screenshot of your shared post and comment it down in my FB page (under ‘Lucky Sharer’ mechanics). Be sure to make your shared post public and do not delete it until announcement of winners (for verification purposes). Two (2) lucky sharers will win 500php each. 

D. BEST BLOG COMMENT-Please visit my blogsite here at and read any of my previous blog posts. Choose one post from my site and comment anything related to the article. At the end of your comment, use the hashtags #MLBlogComment #MLAnniversarySurPrizes and #MaistrangLaaganTurnsOne. I will choose 2 best commenters who will win 500php each and 5 consolation giveaways of 100php load each.

All winners will be announced in my YouTube Channel via a livestream once my FB Page reaches 2000 followers. Please stay tuned for the updates in my FB Page!

See you around digitally. Laags can wait, but for now, STAY HOME and STAY SAFE!

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Charabento Food Art, Coffee and Tea House: Your Cutesy and Student-Friendly Neighboring Cafe

It was around July of last year when I first learned about Charabento and visited the place by accident. My friend, Chasing James and I had our very instagrammable bento meal that time. Later, I learned from the owner, Ms. Ajero, that Charabento offers tutorial sessions on how to prepare these very cute bento meal arts. Without second thoughts, I jumped into a new fun and learning experience. I was able to create my very first “bunny” bento meal. Read my blog here or you may also watch my experience on this video below.

My fun experience creating my first ever bento meal 🙂

Well, obviously, I truly had fun in my very first ever creative bento meal art! 🙂

You would just love to stare on these super duper cute meals, you forget how hungry you were when you came in the cafe 🙂 There’s no doubt, this is still my favorite order whenever I come to Charabento Cafe.

What’s I did not show you is how comfy it is to stay here at Charabento cafe. The store is spacious and can take quite a number of guests. Students love coming here hugging giant teddy that makes you feel always a kid at heart, plus there’s a sense of “home” in here.

Because this coffee and tea house is located at Timesquare Talamban, students from nearby schools (Talamban NHS is just in front) are the major customers. During my first dine here, we were surrounded by a lot of teeners chit-chatting, students who just had a break from school. Why not? It’s not just near and the place is not only cozy, but the prices are also affordable – VERY STUDENT FRIENDLY.

Every corner is a nice spot for that perfect smile, too. Make sure to bring that photographer friend of yours and ready that “pangmalakasang-pose” 🙂 I tell you, there are a lot of instagram-worthy corners here.

Nephew and nieces enjoying their stay here 🙂

Aside from the bento meals that this cafe is very well known of, they also have a wide array of different drinks. One of my favorite is the Sunset Drink – it’s very colorful and it can really quench your thirst.

Of course, who would miss the favorite drink of today’s time – MILKTEA! They offer different flavors of milktea, too, which use fresh milk and not just creamer. Watch my video below and get a gyst on how they prepare their milkteas.

So yum-yum isn’t it?

Can you take these jars for refills? Unli milktea that comes with unli fries, too.

For milktea lovers, make sure to drop by at their store this Sinulog month. They have a promo running until January 31, 2020. For a price of 199php, you get to have unlimited milktea and unlimited fries! Sobrang sulit na!

Other information:

FB: CharaBento FoodArt, Coffee and Tea House

IG: @charabentocafe

Exact Location: CharaBento Café, 2/F Talamban Time’s Square, Gov. M. Cuenco Ave. Cebu City.

Other Branches: Charabento Mactan and Charabento Canduman

Bring your squad, enjoy your talks over these jars of milkteas!

Bringing my squad 😀
Succulents are available in their cafe… You might consider to take one cutie home 🙂
Hope to see you there! (*winks)


How Did I Meet CharaBento?

CharaBento Cafe at Talamban TimeSquare.

One day, my adventurous friend, “Chasing James”, went to Robinson’s Time Square at Talamban to shoot some video clips for his vlog of the selected items we have hauled from Thrift Shop (Ukay-Ukay). At that time, there’s a program happening in the activity area, so we were looking for a possible place were we can have our fun shoot. We happened to see this café that really caught our attention. And since we didn’t have our lunch yet, we decided to get inside and had our meals.

Cozy cafe that is perfect to stay with yourself or with your squad- truly,it caught our attention.
I am loving this lamp. My eyes for photography is triggered 🙂

Upon ordering, we saw in their menu these very affordable meals that are prepared artistically, very instagram-perfect! My eyes were delighted and with no second thoughts, I ordered the three-bear bangsilog and James had his cute panda pork-adobo meal.

Who wouldn’t get fascinated with this cutie meal! On July 19, I posted this on my personal FB account and this was even shared by Robinson’s TimeSquare-Talamban.

Later, I learned that Charabento had been having charabento classes previously and had stopped since the soft opening of their café here in Timesquare, Talamban. I actually have been eyeing on bento meals since before. I have a parent in the private school where I taught before in Zamboanga, who has been preparing artful bento meals for her kids and has always been posting her prepared meals on her FB account. I always wish to learn some things about creating and preparing these kind of meals for my “tatlong bebes” (my three boys).

I felt like heavens above had listened to my prayers and wishes! After years of just seeing posts after posts on Facebook, I finally had a chance to experience first-hand the preparation of bento meals! At last, it is happening now and this wish is granted because of Charabento! Together with Vlogger/YouTuber, Ma2ke TV, we had our Charabento tutorials from the owner herself, Ms. Rowena Ajero.

I am with Ada Elaine and Ada Nonie of Ma2ke TV. They were having their Intro Spiel at this moment 🙂

The Start of CharaBento

Ms. Ajero shared to us that her hobby of creating these artful meals was primarily because of her kids. Being an artist, herself, she was able to translate this passion into creating bento meals creatively. Bento, as known in Japan, is a single-portion homemade or takeout meal that is composed of rice, meat and vegetables. Because Ms. Ajero had the artistic way of creating some famous cartoon characters into her bento meals and bento boxes, she named this CHARABENTO – which means Characters in Bento.

Some bento samples at CharaBento by Ms. Rowena Ajero.

CharaBento Class

If you’re a mom like me who has their preschoolers who are difficult to feed, or an Ate or future moms out there,  here’s a new, trendsetting way of preparing meals that every kid, AND even adult will love. If you’re in Cebu, and is wanting to learn the art of creating bento meals, here’s a good news for EVERYONE and for every aspiring bento artists out there! CharaBento is again opening their CharaBento Classes once a month starting this August 2019. The classes are open every last Sunday of the month.

Come and join with your kids this artful way of creating bento boxes!

Important Information:

  • What: CharaBento FunMeet/Mini Workshop
  • When: Every Last Sundays of the Month Starting August 2019, 1:00 – 3:00 PM
  • Where: CharaBento Café, 2/F Talamban Time’s Square, Gov. M. Cuenco Ave. Cebu City
  • Participation Fee:
  • P750 (mom and child)
  • P500 (without companion)

The registration/participation fee includes the food ingredients for 2 bento boxes, the free use of tools and some refreshments.

Please check this link for the registration and for a slot reservation.

What are you waiting for? Unleash that creativity in you! Come and join them and you’ll be really surprised with the outputs you’ll produce. Don’t worry if you feel that you don’t have that talent, because honestly,I had been there. I felt like I have no art skills, really, but you’ll just be amazed once you finished creating your CharaBento meal.

Presenting you our final outputs! Teneeen!!! Who would have thought we have the art skills hidden on us. Can you spot which bento box is mine? 🙂
Posting this because I’ve never been proud of my momma-preparing-food career except today! Haha

Checkout these fun-filled photos we have during our tutorial session with Ms. Rowena on CharaBento Making.

Sidetrip review of their sunset drink – perfect match for your bento box!
Who would have thought I can produce this kind of output? Haha! I am even surprised, too. 🙂
Ms. Wheng and her proud students for the day.
(L-R: Ada Nonie, Ada Elaine, Ms. Wheng and Maistrang Laagan)

I can’t put much into words my experience for this bento tutorial, but I have it documented on my vlog. Please make sure to watch it on my Youtube Channel, link is here.

For more information or queries, please visit and like the pages CharaBento and CharaBento Foodart, Coffee and Tea House of Ms. Rowena Ajero.

How to get here?

From Ayala Malls, you can ride a 13C jeepney with a fare of 11php or may opt to ride a taxi or grab. Below is the google map direction of CharaBento, TimeSquare Talamban if you are travelling from Ayala Center Cebu.

Hope to see you there, dear laagans!!!