GIDDYAP MOUNTAIN RESORT: A Nature-Perfect Getaway at Moalboal, Cebu

Moalboal, Cebu – I’ve heard the place four years ago. Since 2016, I’ve been travelling to Cebu every summer to celebrate my husband and I’s wedding anniversary. Last May 2016, my husband and I applied for a DOST graduate scholarship, and as a side trip, I’ve googled for some tourist spot destinations in Cebu, and there, I saw the famous ‘Sardine Run’ of Moalboal. However, due to time constraints, we were not able to go but instead, we went hiking to Osmena Peak, but I said to myself, one day I will come here! That ‘Sardine Run’ has been in my bucketlist since 2016 yet.

Moalboal is not just famous for the sardine run that’s visited by hundreds of local and foreign tourists everyday, but is also famous as a perfect place for turtle watching, corals and coral reefs viewing, and scuba or free diving. Aside from this, this town in the south of Cebu, also takes pride of Pescador Island, where you you can snorkel, too, and see beautiful and varied species of fishes.

After 4 years, finally, that dream of seeing God’s wonderful creation in Moalboal is coming true! I have imagined watching the school of sardines, and taking pictures or videos of it! But you know what? I never imagined how beautiful and picture and nature-perfect was the place where we stayed at! It’s like a hidden homestay and staycation away from the city, something that’s very refreshing, something that every naturalist heart will surely love!

Where to Stay at Moalboal?

Giddyap Mountain Resort is Moalboal’s best deal of staycation! A home away from home 🙂

If you are like me who loves nature, then this is highly recommended! This place is truly a NATURE-PERFECT GETAWAY! If you’re looking for some place to stay at Moalboal, where you see both (mountain and sea) of natural wonders scenery, consider booking at Giddyap Mountain Resort! You will surely love you stay here – whether you’re in a vacation, recreation or relaxation. You can find those here, all in one place!

Giddyap offers delight to your naturalist heart and eyes! It’s a beautiful place with a wonderful and picturesque scenery. Imagine, you’re facing in a sea, overlooking Pescador Island, while watching mountains on the other side! That is super crazy and amazing! It’s very hard to find a place where you enjoy both scenes or backgrounds – mountain and sea with an island, BUT you can find it here only at Giddyap! Truly, this one’s a paradise and one-of-a-kind!

While you’re at Giddyap, book at Ocean View Lodge for a very friendly price of 750.00 per head inclusive of a breakfast meal. Ocean View Lodge is within Giddyap Mountain Resort, with a swimming pool and a mini-bar. Its design is very unique as it’s originally from a trailer van renovated into a lodge and a home staycation! How cool, isn’t it? The lodge consists of two rooms with standard double beds plus bunk beds perfect for backpackers. The whole place can accommodate a total of 16 heads comfortably, and it is air-conditioned.

The “hill” just facing the Ocean View Lodge is a perfect spot for that golden hour moment.

Things to Enjoy at Giddyap

Giddyap Horseback Riding. This is something that the resort is proud of and is well-known in Moalboal. Local and foreign tourists come at Giddyap to experience riding their famous race horses. For a price of 500php per head, you can enjoy horseback riding and roam around the farm and the mountain resort in an hour.

Videoke/Karaoke. At the very top and end of Giddyap, there’s an open bar there where you can sing in their videoke machine and sing your heart out!

This space here is good for dining, singing and playing mini-billiard.

Mini-billiards. While your friends and family sing, you can also play billiards with some friends.

Swimming. Ocean View Lodge has its swimming pool on the side which you can enjoy day and night.

Chasing golden hour. Because Giddyap faces a sea and an island, and a mountain on the other side too, this place is perfect for your sunset and sunrise viewing!

Best way to end the day! Who doesn’t love sunsets? Anyone?

Other information:

Facebook Page: None so far, but you may check Giddyap Horseback Riding.

Contact Number: 09175176680

Exact Location: Giddyap Mountain Resort, Buay-ay, Balabagon, Moalboal, Cebu

The map above shows the location of Giddyap from South Bus Terminal.

How to Get There

  • You may opt to ride any bus at the South bus terminal that’s going to Moalboal. Fare ranges from 100 – 150php. V-hire is also available at Sanciangko, near University of San Carlos, Main/City Campus. Fare to Moalboal is 150php. From the market, ride a tricycle or motorcyle to Giddyap Mountain Resort/
  • If you are bringing your own vehicle, the place is navigable on Google Map and Waze.

What are you waiting for? Get relaxed and enjoy the beautiful view – only here at Giddyap! Tara lets, mga laagans!

Watch the video below to give you more glimpse of how beautiful Giddyap Mountain Resort is!

Enjoy watching, mga laagans!

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See you next time! Remember to be forever be wonderfully wandering!


This is a work in progress. I am sharing you my vlogs on Siargao on our day 1. Complete and detailed experience will be posted soon.

Meanwhile, please watch the two videos below. The first video is the summary of my Siargao experience, and I have summarized all in 3 minutes. I hope you will love it, my dear laagans!

This is the second video I posted on my YouTube channel about the beauty of Siargao Island. During our first day, MM, my husband, and I went island hopping. We went to the famous Naked Island, Daku Island and Guyam Island. Watch below to see how beautiful these islands are.

I hope you enjoy this simple present! I will be writing the full details with itinerary soon. Stay tune, my dear laagans!

STAY N’ SAVE: An Affordable and Nature-Perfect Hideout in Oslob, Cebu

If you are looking for a place to stay in Oslob that is a perfect escape getaway with a very affordable and reasonable price, then worry not because I found a secret haven for all of you, and now, it’s no longer a secret! 🙂 “Stay N Save” is the best place for you. 

As I mentioned in my previous blog , I was a happy and satisfied customer and so I am writing this separate review to commend the resort for the service and place they offer.  As I said previously, you can book at this resort through In our case, however, because it was very rush, my debit card was not accepted. Luckily, I found them on Facebook, so I was able to messaged them, transferred money thru BDO online banking and finally I was able to book with them through their Facebook page account.

Because of the many tourists coming to Oslob, I suggest you have to book earlier as walk-ins are not guaranteed to be accommodated.

10 things I love about Stay N Save

The following are the highlights of the things I love about the place.

1. Affordable Rates

Stay N Save is perfect for those who are looking for a nature-looking, cool, instagrammable place yet one that comes with an affordable price. If you are like me who checks on two things first before booking: (1) amusing place with great reviews and (2) affordable rate, then Stay N Save is indeed the perfect place for you.

Check out below their reasonably priced rooms:

credit: Stay N Save (they sent me this through messenger)

We booked for Glamping Double, and truly, we enjoyed it, as narrated in my previous blog. Others are also very refreshing in the eyes. I personally would have wanted to book on Teepee Double Room, because it is very interesting and captivating (though I saw it only on their Facebook Page. Please check their page to learn more. Unfortunately, there were no more rooms available for two and we ended up Glamping. That might have been a blessing in disguise since we were offered with this brand new experience , I bet you’ll never regret glamping, too! 🙂

View outside as seen from the window of our glamping tent.

2. They have their own resto/mini-bar.

If you need something to eat at any hour, they have their mini-resto bar which offers different variety of foods to taste. You can either stay in their resto bar or you can let the staff bring the food to your room.

OMG! Never mind my face. This is actually taken at their mini resto bar. MM and I are waiting for our lunch here. I totally forgot to take a picture of their bar; but I tell you, it’s cute and cozy.

3. They offer and set romantic dinner/date.

When you want to surprise your loved one for a romantic dinner date, Stay N Save will do it for you. You just need to inform them ahead about your plan. In my case, I messaged them thru Facebook and they are very glad to do it.

Price: 500php per person inclusive of a starter, main course dessert and a glass of wine or drink.

That’s our table they set for our romantic dinner, just in front of our tent. This also faces the ocean. What a lovely view, indeed!
Romantic dinner: Done! Haha

4. They prepare anniversary cakes.

If you also want to have a cake on your dinner date, anniversaries or birthdays, or whatever the occasion maybe, they are also very willing and happy to prepare this for you (Price ranges from 250php and above). You just have to inform them ahead as well about the details on what to write for dedication on the cake. I also just messaged them about this thru FB.

 Below is the cake I requested for our 6th wedding anniversary. 

We only had two slice, and we brought this cake home the next day 🙂

5. Their staffs are friendly and accommodating.

Their staffs are all approachable and whatever you need, you just have to tell them and they will give it to you. They were also very polite in asking and reminding of the time when to serve our dinner food.

6. Their bathrooms have hot shower.

Although we booked for glamping only, that did not limit us to enjoy their hot showers. They actually have bathrooms outside, and two of the four public bathrooms are with hot showers. So you need not to worry of waking up early and getting a cold bath because you can still enjoy their hot showers amenities.

7. Their place is along the highway.

Their place is not difficult to find. I actually got worried at first that we might get lost and will not find their place. But when I messaged them on Facebook, the only instruction was to say to the bus’s conductor to drop us off at STAY N SAVE since their place is along the highway, and truly the conductor of the Ceres Bus knows the place, and told us that we already have arrived.

8. Walking distance to whale shark encounter registration.

This is also one of the main reasons why I booked here. We don’t need to get up so early or commute for the registration area of the whale shark encounter, Stay N Save is only about ten minute-walk down to the main activity area. However, based from our experience, I advise travellers and tourists to still get up early, like 5:00AM to go to registration area for this activity. We went past 6AM already and the area is already fully packed with tourists at that time. We waited for around 1.5 – 2 hours before we were able to ride our boat for the whale shark encounter.

The registration area can get crowded, so please come early.

9. Perfect place for sunrise viewing.

What a delightful morning it is to wake up with a sunrise view! This is my favorite unexpected event before walking down to the registration area. Just in front of our glamp site is the perfect sunrise telling us a wonderful day ahead! Check out below my sunrise photos you will surely love!

What a wonderful world, indeed!
The sun, the sea and sky – they are very energizing.
Tell me if you wouldn’t love this view?
Watching sunrise is lovelier when you’re with someone who inspires you to become better and better each day 🙂

10. Very attractive, peaceful, picture-perfect scenery.

This is exactly the main reason why I chose to book at Stay N’ Save. They have this private, super excluded area that is a perfect beach getaway – an impeccable escape from the busy, noisy, crowded place that a city gives! So, if you’re like me who adores the smell of the sea breeze, the splash of waves coming to your feet, the beauty of rock formations from sediments, the nature-perfect scenery in front of your eyes, I tell you, “Stay N Save” is the right place for you!

Can’t still believe? Check out my photos below:

The 226-steps stairways will take you to a breath-taking view paradise.
The cooling breeze and the splashing waves are enough evidence of how blessed we are for this gift of nature.
Tired of the busy schedule? Stressed from paper and school works? Exhausted from the noisy and crowded city? You need a therapy. Come at Stay N Save!
Are you not yet convinced?You should come here and see for yourself.
Very private, secluded area for resting and reflecting.
Staying glam on cam 😀

So, what are you waiting for? Come stay at STAY N SAVE and save those pennies you’ve been working so hard! A wonderful experience need not to be expensive. It’s finding the beauty in every ordinary things and simple places. BUT, wait! STAY N SAVE gives you an extraordinary place and remarkable experience, all at an affordable amount! This is something you would not want to miss when you’re around Oslob. Why not give it a try?

Read on the last few paragraphs of my previous post about how to go to Oslob and visit STAY N SAVE on their Facebook Page here to learn more about their resort.

Share to me about your thoughts regarding this and I am very much willing to help you and reply to you. See you on my next blog. Happy wandering, laagans!

Amazing DIY Trip to Oslob, Cebu: Affordable, Instagrammable Place To Go Plus Wonderful Things to Do

Your Guide To A Wonderful Oslob Experience

Are you planning to go South of Cebu to finally experience and meet Oslob’s famous and friendly whale sharks? For me, it has been my dream to step at my father’s hometown – Oslob, Cebu, for the very same reason. In fact, it has been in my bucket list for so long.  However, my father has no more information about the whereabouts of his relatives since my grandparents already died. Left with no choice, I said to myself that once I will have the chance, I will really go and travel to this must-visit tourist attraction.

This year, that dream of going to Oslob has finally come true! Since this year is already MM (my husband) and I’s third year of celebrating wedding anniversary in Cebu, I planned to celebrate it this time in Oslob! Just a quick recall I would like to share, we were in Simala Miraculous Church during our 4th wedding anniversary and in Bantayan Island on our 5th anniversary. This time, I was so excited to plan for our trip to Oslob and finally swim with these giant but kind butandings!

So, what to do and where to go in Oslob? I didn’t ask for somebody’s help as I was planning it secretly, although MM already had the idea that we are going to Oslob since I had been constantly telling him how eager I am to go. If you are like me who plan for a DIY trip and had no one to ask to, then you are on the right page! Let me help you achieve a superb Oslob experience!

Where to Go?

I learned that the whale shark encounter is only open from 6:00AM to 12:00NN. With that information ahead, I was looking for a nearby resort where we can stay a night before meeting with the “butandings”. I search for affordable hotels, resorts and inns through, and one resort really has captured my attention. Aside from its picturesque view and perfect vacation getaway, it is also affordable! It’s a secret haven I just found in the South of Cebu that offers affordable rates. The place is STAY N SAVE! Because I am a happy and satisfied customer, I will give a separate review for this very instagrammable place. Check it here!

Five Fun and Wonderful Things to Do in Oslob For A Day

If you are around Oslob, I suggest you do the following activities that will surely make your Oslob experience extraordinary. What’s nice to note is that you can do all of these in just one day!

1. Glamping

Glamorous Camping or “Glamping” for short is offered when you check in at Stay N Save. It gives a brand new and refreshing feeling to be inside a tent instead of finding yourself contained in the four walls of a room. It’s nice to wake up seeing the world from the window of your tent. If you feel you’ll have discomforts especially during sleep hours and worry about having backaches, this is not a problem at all! The tent is provided with a double standard bed and an electric fan inside, giving you enough ease and comfort. Perhaps, this is why it’s called glamorous camping! It’s our first time to do this and so we are very happy and thrilled with the experience!

Glamping Fee: 800php (good for 2, but the tent is wide which can fit up to 4 heads)

Our first glamping experience 🙂
MM feels working his dissertation inside our tent 🙂
You can actually stand straight in this tent
Selfie inside before we went to whaleshark’s registration area

2. Meeting with Butanding

Your Oslob adventure is not complete without meeting with the butandings! This is the primary tourist attraction of Oslob where tourists, local and foreign, always come and go! Finally I should say, this is something off my bucketlist!

You may choose either to watch only (500-800PHP) or swim with the butandings for a different price of 800-1000PHP. The fee includes boat ride,snorkeling gears and a life jacket. There’s also an activity for diving lovers for a price of 3000php and above. For non-divers like me, to get a best experience, I recommend you should swim with the butandings. I don’t even know how to swim, either, but I put all my courage to get this once in a lifetime experience. The boatmen are very gracious to teach you how to “fake” swim, so swimming skills are not an issue at all, take it from me! Your activity with the whale shark only lasts for 30 minutes so you really have to make the most out of it!

Posing like a pro! Who would think I can’t swim?
Still a best shot though if you really are a swimmer!
Wasn’t brave enough yet to let go
How to fake swim? Hold on to that bamboo pole , which is part of the boat.

Important Reminder: When you go to registration area, be sure not to bring anything, unless you have waterproof bags. I wasn’t aware of this so I had a sling bag when we went there; we had our cellphones, my cap, my shades, my coin purse and MM’s wallet. We thought that we can bring it on board and we can simply leave our things on the boat. However, the boat in-charge said to leave our things because the boatmen will not take care of those. In our case, we rely solely to the man whom I bought a zip-locked waterproof phone case for my mobile. He volunteered to take care of our things and fortunately, and THANKFULLY, our trust was not put into waste. The locals are trustworthy!

After the whale shark encounter, we had our things back. Thanks to Kuya who took this picture. He was the one responsible for taking care of our things. Also, hang on my neck is the water-resistant double zip-locked phone case which was very helpful on this trip.
Another important reminder: Please come to the registration area VERY EARLY. Best time to register before 6AM. The area becomes crowded if you come after 6AM already.

3. Going to a Nearby Island: Sumilon

We finished around 9:45AM swimming with the whale sharks and we still have time to go to the nearest island from Oslob, the Sumilon Island. The man who took care of our belongings recommended us to a pump boat owner who took us to the island. Since we have enough time, and the island is less than 30 minutes travel, we took already the opportunity to see the famous sand bar, white sand and clear water of Sumilon. We were able to book the pumpboat for a special prize of 1000php back and forth. Normally, the pump boat carries 15 heads for a prize of 1500php. So, this island experience would be cheaper if you are travelling in a group.

Entrance Fee: 100php inclusive of snorkeling gears

Sumilon Island, here we come!!!
Papa MM strikes a pose 🙂
Blue sky plus clear blue waters, too.
Who wouldn’t love to take a dip on this clear, turquoise blue waters of Sumilon?
With just a short time I had here, definitely I love to come back!

4. Snorkeling

While in Sumilon, don’t forget to snorkel around the marine sanctuary. The activity fee is 50php with a tourguide/diver who will tour you around the protected sanctuary. I was able to use my ziplock phone case here and I was happy that it actually works and my mobile phone was safe!

Important Reminder: Best not to bring anything valuable when coming to Sumilon Island unless again you have your water proof bags with you. If you trust the locals, you can leave your things to them, either to the boatmen who brought you to the island, just like what the foreigner-couple did (who were with us), or just like me who left my sling bag with our valuables in the waiting shed where we paid for snorkeling.

5. Visiting Nearby Beaches

At 11:30 we were heading back already to Oslob. We still have half of the day, but we will be checking out already at Stay N’ Save. So, we were rushing to head back to the resort.

You can actually check out already with your things still in the resort. They will allow you to leave your things with them. You can maximize your time in Oslob by going to nearby beaches, like the Cancuaay Private Beach Resort, which is just a walking distance from Stay N Save. Although we went here at Cancuaay prior to our whaleshark encounter (actually, few hours before our check-in because we were too early to arrive at Stay N Save), you can still enjoy this private beach after your Sumilon Escapade, since you still have the whole afternoon.

You can also go to Tumalog Falls, which is also nearby, just ask the locals how to go and they will give you the instructions. We were not able to go to Tumalog anymore because my partner was complaining that he’s tired already! 🙂 Be sure to have a companion who is overflowing with energy! Haha

Below are my pictures enjoying the scorching sun, splashing waves, rocky background, picture-perfect view of Cancuaay Private Beach Resort.

How to Go to Oslob?

From South Bus Terminal (near E-Mall), ride a bus going to Oslob-Bato, Liloan-Bato or Dumaguete-Bato since all of these will pass by at Oslob. Tell the driver or conductor where exactly you want to be dropped off. Most of the places in Oslob are very known to bus drivers/conductors, so they can really help you on this, just don’t hesitate to tell them or ask them. Fare ranges from 150-200php. Travel time is approximately 4 – 5 hours.

If you are traveling with your own service, just navigate through google maps or waze.

Got Questions? I LOVE TO HELP.

That’s it for my Oslob adventure! I hope you had fun time reading and getting tips from this escapade. If you have something to ask, just comment down or leave a message. Tell me what are your thoughts about this and I will be very happy to reply. Till on my next blog! Happy wandering, Laagans!