Are you exhausted of the busy streets in the city and is tired looking on tall buildings in every corner? Do you want to take a break with your loved ones, family or friends from the unwanted smokes, noisy streets, busy people? Do you want to take a deep breath from your strenuous work or simply want to take time with yourself? There’s a new and refreshing place for all of us. Come at Balay sa Busay!

Balay Sa Busay, Tops Road, Cebu City

Balay sa Busay offers us a new dining place to chill and relax. It is not crowded and there is no need to rush. You can stay and enjoy the energizing feeling of the fresh, cool breeze, overlooking the city of Cebu! Yes! You are dining at a mountain top!

A family spotted spending quality time on this mountain-top restaurant.
No need for aircon. The cool breeze of the mountain is more than enough!
The refreshing view! What a good way to chill!

The Interior

If you also would want to take selfies or best shots for your social media posts, the architectural minimalist interior design will also catch your attention. Make sure to bring a photographer with you and get that “pangmalakasang” OOTD best shot! 🙂

This vanity mirror is crazy! Who wouldn’t love to take a selfie here? I just did with my camera! 🙂
The yellowish light when turned on during night time adds beauty to Balay. Sobrang nakakaganda, promise! 🙂
Let’s talk… not over coffee, this time. Let’s talk over a mountain-top.

The Palatable Food

Balay sa Busay does not only offer that refreshing feeling of a smoke-free environment or instagrammable interior designs, above all, the foods in their menu are insane! This is really what matters the most, of course, when you are dining in! Their foods are mouth-watering and even jaw-dropping for an exceptional presentation you can’t eat without taking a picture first! You’ll think twice if you eat it or just stare at it! Haha! I admit their food presentation is my favorite now (as of this writing), and they are not only visually appealing but they are truly delicious for a reasonable price!

Get ready to feast at Balay! Order any of the dishes in the menu. You can never go wrong!

When you dine in at Balay sa Busay, you also feel HOME because of the dishes they serve. Their foods are those you are already familiar with because most are usually cooked at home, these are added only with a modern twist, to make the taste distinct for Balay. Because it has a homy feeling, Balay sa Busay is best experienced when you share it with your family and friends!

Come and share with family and friends the one-of-a-kind dining experience at Balay!
A function room is also available for exclusive bookings.

It is also interesting to note that Balay sa Busay helps the locals of Brgy. Busay because their staffs are mostly residents of the barangay and the ingredients they have in the kitchen mostly came in the Barangay as well. Truly, a family-oriented dining home with a heart to care for its fellow locals.

Come one, come all! Experience great food and great view all at once! Come visit Balay sa Busay!

Other Information

  • Facebook Page: Balay Sa Busay
  • Operating Hours: 10AM to 11 PM Mondays to Sundays
  • -They are also open for reservations and exclusive bookings for any private gatherings, parties or events.
  • For reservations, please call (032) 354 7169 or 0917 712 9816

How to get there?

  • Balay sa Busay is located at Tops Road, Brgy. Busay, Cebu City. It is before the famous Tops tourist/local destination in Cebu. Just drive and follow the Cebu Transcentral Highway going to Cebu Tops Road.
  • From JY Mall in Lahug, hire a habal-habal/motorcycle that can bring you to Balay. You may ask the driver to wait for you so he can bring you down again to JY Mall.
  • You can also go through Grab/Taxi as it can be navigated via Google Map or Waze. However, the problem could be the part of going back down, since no taxi goes up to Tops Road if it’s not privately booked with meter down.
  • It is best to come to Balay sa Busay with your own service so there will be no need for you to rush or hustle.

Have you gone to Balay? Tell me your wonderful experience. Ayaw ug kalimot, balik-balik sa Balay!