About ME

Maistrang Laagan” comes from Bisaya local terms “maistra” or “maestra” which means a girl teacher and “laagan” that means traveller or wanderer. When combined, the phrase “maistrang laagan” translates to a girl who is a teacher-traveller.
The hashtag #MAistrangLaagan emphasizes “Ai”, as it is a name associated with me during my first eight years of teaching, and became my identity in the teaching arena for the next years.
I am a teacher, a wife and a mother, and I love to go and explore to places I’ve never been. I am also a photography enthusiast and I love capturing moments, seeing the beauty of life through the lens of my camera.
Join me in my adventure, and together, let us appreciate and celebrate life one post at a time! Let us all forever be wonderfully wandering!

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